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The first five years of a child’s life are critical, laying the foundation for future success in school and life. Raising Quality! helps San Joaquin County parents find high quality child care and early learning opportunities that will help unlock a lifetime of learning for their young children.

WHAT is Raising Quality!?

Raising Quality! is a Quality Improvement System for early care and education programs in San Joaquin County. Funded by quality initiatives and coordinated by First 5 San Joaquin, Raising Quality! helps improve child care in our community by:

  • Emphasizing the value of quality in early care and education
  • Empowering parents to make well-informed decisions about the quality of care their children receive
  • Giving child care providers valuable tools for improving their programs
  • Establishing uniform standards of excellence in early care
  • Helping to build networks of childcare providers

Why does it matter?

Research shows that children who attend high quality child care programs are better prepared for school, have more success in reading and math, and are more likely to go to college. As parents, child care providers, educators and citizens, we have a responsibility to make sure all of our children have the very best early learning experiences.

Who is Participating in Raising Quality!?

Raising Quality! through IMPACT 2020 (Improve and Maximize Programs so All Children Thrive) is working with a variety of  child care settings including Family, Friend and Neighbor (FFN), Family Childcare Provider and privately funded Childcare Centers, that serve children ages 0 to 5. There is a special focus on those serving infants and toddlers along with the prioritization of those serving low-income families, children who are non-English speakers, and/or have special needs.   First 5 San Joaquin will work with three community based organizations to connect and engage FFNs, Family Resource & Referral Center will work with Family Childcare Providers and First 5 San Joaquin staff will work directly with Childcare Centers.  Continue reading for more information about the initiative.

Is your program looking for some good news, something uplifting and focused on supporting your program; that would encourage continued program quality improvement?  Are you or your staff looking for coaching support to help provide the best care possible – whether it is through distance learning or in person?  Could your program use materials and supplies that support your goals? If these types of program enhancements and supports sound interesting, First 5 San Joaquin(F5SJ) has great news!

Raising Quality! Improve and Maximize Programs so All Children Thrive 2020 (IMPACT 2020) is the newest leg in the quality improvement journey.  Focused on providing support to privately funded centers (those not receiving state or federal funds) and family childcare providers with an emphasis on serving infants and toddlers, IMPACT 2020 might be the right program, right now!

In previous quality improvement programs offered by F5SJ, a lot of emphasis was placed on observations, assessments and ratings.  In Raising Quality! IMPACT 2020, that has changed; all of that has been set aside so that programs can really focus on setting meaningful quality improvement goals and reaching them! 

By participating in Raising Quality! IMPACT 2020 you are connected to a system of support and opportunities that include training, technical assistance, coaching and materials/supplies. 

Participation space is limited to 10 centers and 20 family childcare homes that meet the priorities listed below:

  • Privately funded (don’t receive state or federal funding)
  • Serve infants (0-17 months) and/or toddlers (18 – 35 months)
  • Serving children with other high needs including those
    • With identified special needs
    • Dual language learners
    • From low income families
    • From families experiencing homelessness or are receiving protective services (CPS)
    • That reside on Indian lands or are migrant
  • First time participating in a quality improvement program (RTT or IMPACT) with F5SJ

*Previous RTT and IMPACT participants are eligible to apply if they meet the priorities, however, will be prioritized after applications of first-time participants.

Space is limited.  If you are interested in participating, don’t wait! Please contact Cathy Sprints at or by phone at (209) 953-5437 for more information.  An Information Session will be held Thursday, December 17, 2020 from 1:00-3:00PM.  See the flyer for more details.          

F5SJ and Raising Quality! IMPACT 2020 are committed to doing everything possible to help your program thrive during this time when families need you most.  We appreciate your work in the community and are pleased to be able to help facilitate your successful participation in Raising Quality! 

How does Raising Quality! benefit my program?

Participants in Raising Quality! IMPACT 2020 have demonstrated that they are dedicated to providing the best in quality childcare and education. They are committed to making their programs even better and are eligible for:

  • Training and Workshops
  • Coaching
  • Networking 
  • Incentives to support Quality Growth Plans

How can I learn more?

Download the Provider Guide Brochure below. 

Provider Guide Brochure


How do I learn more?

Contact First 5 San Joaquin at (209) 953-5437 or email

The Raising Quality! Seal

Raising Quality! Participant Seal

All Raising Quality! participants are able to display the Raising Quality! seal, which demonstrates their commitment to providing quality services.  Ask your child care provider if he or she is participating in Raising Quality!, or look for the Raising Quality! seal.